Saturday, June 30, 2007

Citizen Kane

It's considered to be the #1 film of all time - or at least the #1 "American" film (I say "American" because the AFI includes British films on their list, too).

I recently saw this film and couldn't figure out exactly what made it so popular. When I watched it, my first thoughts were of all the Simpsons episodes that parodied it. After seeing it, I thought about it a lot, and just couldn't figure out why it was so highly revered.

Then my professor spent about the first hour of our class talking about it, showing us clips from it, that kind of thing. After that, I started to understand why it's #1. I can't say I fully comprehend it, but I think in time I could. When I start collecting paychecks (in the next couple weeks) I'm gonna pick up the DVD so I can watch it again. I've heard the commentary by Roger Ebert is worth listening to (two different people have told me this), and it's a film I really just want to see again; this time to actually watch the film - the cinematography, the use of shadow, sound and other subtleties - instead of just watching it for the story. The story is good, of course, but it's not "#1 film of all time" good. When everything is combined, however... I may agree.

I'm excited to see it again.

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