Thursday, July 26, 2007

People read this

I would like to extend a thanks to Krusty, Rachel, and my brother, because they've let me know they actually read this, and that makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. My sister left a message, too, but I dunno how much she's read past the first two posts. That made me feel kinda warm and tingly, but not to the same extent, because it was only one comment and it was early on.

I like feeling warm and tingly. Now, however, I don't really.

Right now I'm rather perturbed. I found out yesterday that, after going to Buffalo Wild Wings almost every Wednesday for six years, they've stopped carrying legs. It's not just that they don't do the $0.50 legs on Wednesdays, but that they've actually stopped carrying the #*$@ing legs! That was the reason I started going there in the first place, and the reason I kept going...I'm quite disturbed now as I need to find a new place to go and play trivia.

I feel kind of crummy about this, because this post feels way too juvenile and not nearly along the philosophical-metaphysical approach I've been trying to do. Then again, it's like noon, and being philosophical before noon is a little too Kantian for me. I don't believe in philosophy before dinner or perhaps, at earliest, over lunch with a friend.

[edit: I just found out Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office) is married. My world just became a little less shiny]


Brady said...

Captain Amazing,

There are more people that read this than you think... By the way, nice subtitle...

Liquids5 said...

I read it. I just haven't commented because I just found it a week ago through CAD.

Gismya said...

Just wanted you to know you have a reader from sweden, your blog is one of all I follow ^^ (I've recently become an addict with blogs :) )

Luca said...

Here's another reader.
I've really enjoyed your posts so far and your blog is one of my favorites, so keep up the good work :)