Friday, September 14, 2007

Day Two

I think I already see a purpose to fasting. I don't have the deep, transcendent, inner peace, but I do find that I get more done throughout the day.

I go to work and find myself thinking that it will be easy to fast here, because I'm always busy.
Just like yesterday when I was at class - I was occupied, and thus didn't think about food. My thoughts are quickly interrupted by the smell of the freshly baked cookies from the cafe. Fasting is going to be harder to do at work than I thought. When my break starts, I have to keep my mind busy or else I'll go crazy with the smell from the cafe. I go to the newsstand an pick up the new copy of Men's Health, take a seat at one of the tables as far away from the cafe as possible and start flipping through it. I find an article about why your wristwatch should be iconic - that it should show sophistication and style; I've heard all this before. I always figured a watch was an important piece of the outfit, sort of an icing on the cake thing, but it doesn't need to be too high end - my Relic always suited most scenarios. However, two weeks ago my wristwatch broke. More specifically, the little gear that sets the time broke off. This hasn't been a problem yet, but with daylight savings time coming up, I'm going to be in trouble. I took it to a watch mechanic and he said it'd cost a minimum of $25 to fix; the watch is barely worth that. While reading this article, I decide that yes, I do need a new watch. Men's Health lists their "top choices" (or something) of wristwatches, the first being a Zenith with a price tag of $29,700. I really wonder what the demographic for Men's Health is, because it seems that if you're not making $100,000 a year by the age of 25, you're outside of it.

I need a new watch, but not one that costs twice what my car does.

I get through the rest of the day alright: no
accidental trips to the drinking fountain, no cookies or frappucinos from the cafe, not even a sip of the pure, pressed apple juice that I've become highly addicted to (I've had a bottle every day I've worked since I started at Barnes & Noble). When I walk out the door, I'm proud of myself - it's nearly sunset and I've made it through day two of Ramadan. I just need to keep my mind busy during those tempting hours I'm at work. Thankfully, the array of magazines can do that and more. So far today, I've decided I need a new watch, a new pair of shoes, and a new pinstripe suit coat. By the end of Ramadan, I imagine I'll believe I need a whole new wardrobe thanks to and Men's Health and Esquire.

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