Tuesday, October 30, 2007


According to the scale at the YMCA, I weigh 174 lbs now. Last time I weighed myself - which was about a month ago and on a different scale - I weighed about 158. I suppose it's possible to put on 16lbs in a month, but that seems really unlikely seeing as how I've hovered around 150-155 lbs since I was a freshman in high school and I haven't been eating that much. I do eat a lot more protein now than before, and thanks to Men's Health I actually work out regularly to use that protein. But still, 16lbs in 4 weeks?

I need to find another scale to double check this.

Keep in mind I'm not worried about this. I'm not freaking out that I'm fat or anything of the sort. Quite the opposite; I wear pants comfortably now that a year ago I couldn't and pants that I wore a year ago I now need a belt to keep up (or in some cases have actually sewn up a bit to hold). It just doesn't feel like I've gained any weight, let alone 16 lbs worth.

[I've found I'm fond of small, simple blog entries over the 4 or 5 page ones. I prefer those for the metaphysical or philosophical thoughts, leaving the "updates on life" entries short and to the point. I find there more interesting to write because I need to be concise, and I like to think they're easier to read because they take less time and still let you know what's going on in my life, or at least what's going on in my head; not unlike a newspaper for my thoughts.]

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