Friday, October 5, 2007

The end of the experiment

Today, I abandoned my cultural experiment.

I was hoping that yesterday would be a singular event, that after I ate (post-fasting eating yesterday consisted of four potatoes, three carrots, a grilled chicken breast, two protein shakes, a 32oz Powerade, five boneless buffalo wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, two glasses of Blueberry Pomegranate juice, and a couple glasses of water) I'd feel better. At the time, I was right.

This morning, I was wrong.

I felt weak this morning, but that's not too unfamiliar. It's not common, but not unheard of. I woke up early, turned in my homework to my professor, then went to work. At work, it got worse. I started to notice that I was not only sore from working out yesterday, I was weak. I was able to deal with it for the first couple hours, but when I went to pick up a box of books, I had another white flash - the same kind I had yesterday - and felt light headed afterwards to the point where I had to sit down.

This wasn't a normal post-workout feeling, this was something else.

I decided around 2ish that if I was going to continue working out like I was, I couldn't keep fasting. My body wasn't getting the calories or the protein it needed to recuperate after working out, and it was draining me of all my energy to the point of debilitation.

I feel bad about doing this, but I've experienced the fasting of Ramadan for 3 weeks now and I've almost passed out twice. At the same time, exercise is important to me and I've wanted to get into a workout regime for awhile. Now, I finally have that chance, and I want to take it. As I said, I feel bad about abandoning this fast, but if I'm having problems functioning day-to-day, even on the days I don't workout, then I think I have some justification in my choice.


Becky said...

Brother--I am glad you were sensible enough to do what's best for your body and not just be stubborn to participate in a cultural event. Don't get me wrong--I believe in experiencing culture. However, I do have to speculate that perhaps most Ramadan participators do not initiate an intense workout routine during this month of fasting. I commend you for exercising and for being fair to your body.

Krusty said...

To say that you lasted as long as you did was impressive! Just because you didn't last all the way doesn't mean that you didn't learn about the whole experience though does it? I hope to see some kind of summary to your experiences.

Malivahn said...

Well, I heard on the radio today that it was the last day so I came to check up on your fasting, and you quit!! I'm so disappointed. :P Haha, well you had a good reason. I suppose I can give you that. :P Later, Tim!