Thursday, October 4, 2007

Flashes of White

I've started an exercise routine with a good friend of mine. We had our second trip to the gym today. The first day, Tuesday, consisted of shoulders and arms workouts. Today was legs and the, ahem, surrounding regions. The workouts are from a Mens Health book I picked up and are setup so that you only do one set of six reps per exercise, but you do it with enough weights that you can only lift them six times before you have to stop. Then you do that same weight the next time you workout until you can do 10 reps, then you increase the weight.

I decided to push myself today, because on Tuesday all the weights I lifted weren't enough and I could easily do 10 of each. I did side lunges, leg curls, leg extensions, and felt ok, but tired and a little weak (used too high of weight for the leg curls). Then I did some simple toe raises and a couple other small exercises for my legs and all was good. When I got to the stationary squats, I grabbed two 55lbs weights and started the reps. When I got to the 5th rep on my right leg, I stumbled to stand up straight again. Presuming it was just me being tired, I did my 5th rep for the left leg, then finished up the right leg, and when I went to finish the 6th rep on my left leg, I saw a flash of light, my legs turned to butter, and I almost fell over.

I took the weights back, one at a time, because I couldn't lift both at once and walk anymore. I literally stumbled from the weights to a nearby chair; I felt like I had just been hit in the head with a hammer - I couldn't think, I was nauseous, and every few seconds everything would go white and I couldn't see...

When I started the Ramadan fast, I read up on symptoms of dehydration and malnutrition, so that, should I ever show any of these traits, I'd know what it is and know what to do. This was a very clear sign of dehydration. I literally stumbled to the drinking fountain, got a mouthful of water - struggled to swallow it - and then went into the bathroom where I proceeded to dry heave, saw everything go white again, and almost collapsed on the floor.

I ended up washing my face in the sink, took a few big drinks of water (had to force the first few down), and went back out to sit in the chairs again. After a few minutes, I was able to stand again. A few minutes later, and a few more drinks of water, I was able to walk and finish the workout with hack squats (at rather low weight, of course).What this all amounts to is that, circa 6:30 on October 4th, I broke my Ramadan fast, intentionally and knowingly. The Sun set at 7:02 that day, but that didn't matter.

I suppose I'll have to tack a day on at the end in order to make up for this. I'm really not looking forward to doing that.

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