Saturday, March 22, 2008

A dream

I had a dream last night that we were shooting a film in New York City, and that I moved into an apartment on top of a city high rise. The other roommates in this place were 3 girls and 2 guys. Basically, it was like Friends. As soon as I got moved in, our landlord decided he was moving us to a different apartment, so we got moved to a ground floor apartment that was next to a deli.

There was more to it, but I can't recall many of the details, and when I try, they just jumble together and it makes even less sense than dreams normally do. It was realistic while at the same time dreamlike.

I suppose that's how most dreams are described, though.

I do remember that the soundtrack for this dream was Tally Hall. I'm not really sure why, but they were playing during the entire thing.


-->jeff * said...

weird- i was listening to tally hall as i read this.

Jen said...

I had a dream that I was picked out to write the new Bible. I also have a whole bunch of dreams about giving birth to baby jesus. psychoanalyse me!