Saturday, March 8, 2008

Two weeks

These are the things that I thought of today:
  1. I got paid yesterday; I can afford things now.
  2. I like the new shower head and bathroom scale I purchased.
  3. I need to start looking harder for a job.
  4. I wish I had more time to exercise.
  5. I want to start taking Aikido again.
  6. I used to wonder why Jeff said he didn't have time to update his blog during film shoots. Now I understand.
  7. I saw Tally Hall tonight with Jeff; they're ok.
  8. I've lived here two weeks and I don't feel any closer to feeling like I actually belong here. The first few days were great - I met new people, started a new [temporary] job. Then, while my job has gotten more fun because I now know what to do, my actual life hasn't changed. I still feel like a visitor, like in a few days I'll be driving back to Fargo or moving somewhere else. I'm still living out of boxes, still sleeping on a couch in the living room.

    I don't feel like I have anywhere to call home.
  9. I'm putting off snowboarding this year to save up for new gear for next season.
  10. I'm excited for a cooking class I'm taking tomorrow.

1 comment:

Jen said...

You have no homes, I have three - swap you.