Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Orson Scott Card on J.K. Rowling's latest law suit

This was brought to my attention today.

It's an editorial written by Orson Scott Card about J.K. Rowling's lawsuit against the Harry Potter Lexicon that is being published. She's claiming it's copyright infringement and is profiting off of her hard work and so on and so forth. Card's reply is basically that she has no right to speak about infringement or anyone commenting on her work because she's copied from numerous authors (himself included) and now she's just upset because she's no longer in the limelight and her books aren't bestsellers anymore.

He tears into her, but not without good reason. I had never looked much into the Harry Potter series for concepts and ideas taken from other works, but it's very apparent she didn't create them all herself - even Neil Gaiman had several ideas taken (just one example: wizards having letters delivered by owls). However, many authors - and Card comments about this - are ok with this because they themselves have done it and understand that people get inspiration from reading one another's works. And they acknowledge this.

Rowling, however, does not admit she got ideas from anyone and claims them all herself and as such feels she owes no thanks to anyone for her success. With this same arrogance, she is now suing a man whom she once gave an award to for "best fan site" for profiting from her hard work. She's completely ignoring the fact that she profited more than the queen of England from other's hard work and ideas which she assembled and rearranged - exactly what this guy is doing. The difference is that the Lexicon author admits 100% that none of the ideas are his own, all are the work of Rowling, and this is merely a reference for her fans.

She's still suing him.

I have to say, after reading this, I am sorely disappointed in Rowling. I enjoyed the Harry Potter series, I know my family did, and I know billions of people worldwide did as well. The least she could do is admit that perhaps she got some inspiration from other authors and give other people a chance to comment on her work. It's not like she's gonna lose her house because of lost sales, although I have heard Scottish castles are somewhat expensive to heat in the winter...

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Jen said...

I hated the ending of the series so much.