Monday, July 14, 2008


I've decided not to set my phone to roaming and get out of my Sprint contract. I honestly feel guilty for doing it. Sprint has been really good to me and even when I called asking about roaming the guy was so cheery and helpful I really felt bad doing this to them. They've been good to me; I'll be good to them and honor my contract.

Gold's Gym is making me wonder though. I really don't like the facility I'm a member of. It's a pretty bare-bones gym. They've got a lot of weight and machines. Lots of cardio machines. Even a small lap pool for swimming. They also have really nice racquetball courts that they charge extra for (which I don't approve of). They also lack a running track.

I suppose in reality I'm not completely unsatisfied with Gold's Gym. I'm mostly just opposed to the contract I signed. I didn't think much about a two-year contract when I enrolled in a membership, but not I don't like the idea of it. Anytime Fitness seems like a much better place, and Orem is getting one shortly. Plus Gold's Gym is quite literally notorious for being a ***** when it comes to getting out of a contract. By that I mean you can't get out of it. You can't cancel it as long as you live within 25 miles of a facility and, here's the real kicker, verbal promises don't count as binding contracts and it says in the fine print that even if part of the contract is declared illegal or unenforceable by law, the other parts of the contract remain enforced and legal. That's legal gibberish for "we can tell you whatever we want to get you to sign and don't have to abide by it, and if at any time we get sued because of what this contract says, you're still stuck with it."

It's not that I don't like the place, it's that I don't like their policies and the simple fact that they had to put that in the contract. It's like borrowing $20 from a friend and them making you sign a contract that has 10% monthly interest; it just doesn't feel right.

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Becky said...

It sounds like Sprint has been goodo to you. I was fine with them, and then recently they kept leaving items on our bill that we repeatedly had to tell them we hadn't signed up for. We got it straightened out, but it was annoying 3 months in a row. They did discount our next bill for the inconvenience though. I am not fond of Gold's gym either. My limited interactions with them were not impressive. I was with 24 Hour Fitness and liked them. Again, no track, but they had a "no contract, cancel anytime" policy that I enjoy and was able to cancel when I needed to. If I decide to buy another gym membership, I would feel good about signing up with them again.