Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why I'm with Sprint

I've had Sprint as my wireless company for quite a few years. Five, to be exact.

During this time, I've had friends choose Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and just about every other possible carrier over Sprint. Why? Probably because most consumer reports regularly rate Sprint as bottom-of-the-barrel for wireless quality. Ok, fair point.

I've always had good service with them. I might not always have five bars and to be fair most of the time I only have two to three at most, but with the digital signal I've never had static or even a dropped call. Of course, most of my friends have the same
experience on their networks, so that can be dropped as a valid reason for sticking with Sprint. They also charge a less-than-competitive amount for service. It's not horrible, but it could be better.

The reason I stick with Sprint is because of their customer service. About every six months I get a call from them asking if I'd like to extend my contract, and I usually say I would because they've got national coverage which means whenever I travel I don't pay extra and my service stays the same - very useful for work and when I moved. The real bonus about this is that they've more than once offered a "thank you" for me sticking with them in the form of a free month - even two or three months - of service. It's a nice little "you've been a good customer and we're going to repay you" action that
I really like.

Today was another great example. I check my bill for June: $112.58. Normally, my monthly bill is around $45-50. Not $100+. My initial reaction is "did I forget to pay last month?" After checking,
I find that, no, I didn't forget to pay last month. I look online and don't see any reason for this excessive charge. This prompts a call to their customer service. I call Sprint's customer service and after dealing with the annoying voice recognition software (seriously, I'm totally ok with just hitting numbers to select options; the "say your option" thing is annoying) I get to talk to a nice lady with a presumably Indian accent. She's very helpful, understanding, and after explaining my situation she explains the charges: $10 for internet usage (downloaded some ringers) and $46 for ~230 text messages over my 300 limit, and then taxes for the remaining few dollars.

Just last month I had checked my average text message usage to see if I needed to upgrade to unlimited messaging. Sprint has a nifty graph that shows your monthly usage in various categories, and text messages are one of them. I use on average about 220 text messages a month, so I had determined that I didn't need to upgrade. Apparently last month I texted more than twice my usual amount. And it was going to cost me.

Here's the happy ending: the representative I'm speaking with says that she can upgrade my plan to unlimited messaging and she'll even waive the fees for this month. After about 20 minutes on the phone, I get my bill paid for the month of June and it goes from $112.58 to $50.81. The really cool thing? I didn't ask her to do any of that. I was just calling to ask why my bill was so much higher than usual and she offered to add unlimited messaging and waive the fees.

That's good customer service.

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Marvia said...

Cool!!! :) So when are you planning on visiting Fargo? Christmas? Well, we'll be in Provo in August and you better visit. Don't bail on us like you did me in May. ;)