Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Since I instituted my 'update schedule' a few weeks back, I've missed two days. One I was on vacation and traveling, so I can justify that one. Yesterday, I just forgot.

I had the topic, the ideas I wanted to cover, the anecdotes to write, all of it was in my head and ready to be written. Then I spent yesterday looking up stocks online and chatting with people about whether or not junior

This building is full of morons.

high/high school kids are morons or not. The conclusion was that they are. I include myself in that by saying that at the time I thought I was mature and not the typical high school student. Truth is I was, I was just the typical advanced high school student, which comes with an inflated ego, loathing for classmates based on stereotypes and first impressions, and general carelessness. It persisted through a good part of college, too. I'm getting better. I acknowledge it now. They say that's the first step.

Last night my eyes started to fog over while playing Rock Band. This may sound serious, but it's just caused by a complete lack of blinking.

It's their fault.

Normally for the two-three minute songs it's no big deal. For "Won't Get Fooled Again" by the Who it creates a bit of a problem. Not blinking for 8:32 tends to cause your eyes a number of issues, one of which is severe pain. I figure it's exacerbated by my contacts so this morning I remove them and don my new chic glasses. While driving to the gas station (only $3.67 a gallon!) I notice I'm still having trouble reading the road signs as they pass. More disturbing still is I can't make my eyes feel like they are in fact focused on anything. They feel like they're just looking leisurely, unable to focus or look clearly at anything. This isn't a bad-eyesight-you-need-glasses issue; it's something else.

When I get to work the problem hasn't gotten better. I look in the mirror and my left eye looks irritated, my right eye looks as bloodshot as if it just took a haymaker. Those I chat with daily recommend I go see a doctor. I'm not ignoring this advice, but I know that it will probably take a few days to see the doctor anyways and since the symptom is less than 12 hours old I don't think it's that serious yet.

Cause: lack of sleep?

I know eyes are nothing to take chances with, but I like to live dangerously. A search for "redness/bloodshot eyes + itchy eyes + blurry vision" on WebMD provides some very plausible causes, the first of which is sleep deprivation. I've been getting about 5 hours of sleep a night recently, which while not uncommon for me is far from common. The second most likely cause is allergies. I'm allergic to various things, the extent of which is unknown to me. My mother seems to be allergic to just about everything while my father seems immune to the forces of nature; the sexual reproductive system humans employ dictates I'm somewhere in between. Hence, allergies is a likely candidate. Utah is a very dry climate, with lots of dust and particles in the air and I haven't washed my sheets for a few weeks. That's probably not helping.

My new love.

My monitor refused to turn on this morning as well. My new, 24" 1080p widescreen goddess of a monitor. This isn't the first time it's happened. During the day it operates at peak efficiency with brilliant color and I can power it on and off all day long. If it's powered off for an extended period of time however, such as when I sleep, it doesn't like to come back on. I still haven't been able to figure out why exactly. The problem is remedied easily enough, usually by reseating the power cable. This morning it took more than that; I had to power down my system and actually reset the switch on the surge protector. I'm hoping this is simply a power cable issue and am going to try replacing it when I get home. If that still fails, well, maybe I just won't turn off my monitor; putting it to sleep doesn't trigger this, so I'll just do that from now on perhaps.

For those wondering, the post that was going to appear yesterday was on manipulation. I'll post it tomorrow probably.


nae4blue said...

That looks like conjunctivitis to me. I got it all of a sudden. I must've given it to you over the internet.

While I tried visine, it just didn't work. So I went to the walk in clinic and they prescribed me Gentamicin 0.3% OPHTH SOLN 5ML to take every 4 hours, 2 drops per affected eye. It never spread to the other one. Eventually it cleared up.

Tim said...

That's not my eye.