Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday, Sept 20th, 2008

My 'to do' list for today:
  • clean my room
  • get an oil change for my car
  • get food and make arrangements for a meal tomorrow feeding 50+ college students
  • find computer parts and insure compatibility
  • remove hornets nest from backyard
  • put 2nd couch on cinder blocks to provide theatre seating for movie nights
  • go through my wardrobe and remove articles of clothing that a) do not look good, b) do not fit, c) are worn out or d) are just never worn.
  • read 'Sandman' by Neil Gaiman
I'm about halfway through the list.

Wish me luck.


--jeff * said...

thanks for getting those done. i like the couch. and so will the crowd at movie night.

Jennifer Keele said...

ah fun! are you the chef at another munch & mingle?

Tim said...

I'm the chef for every munch & mingle; it's my calling.