Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Still editing

Still messing with the html/xml trying to find a nice look for this. The issue comes from having to incorporate the layout options that blogger has built into it while customizing everything else.

In the meantime, enjoy this: Journey, live in Chile, with their new lead singer Arnel Pineda performing "Wheel in the Sky."

I was going to link the "Don't Stop Believin'" performance because, lets face it, that song is awesome, but I think "Wheel in the Sky" turned out better during this performance. Plus it's a strong contender for best Journey song period.

EDIT: I like this current theme - just a slightly modified template provided by blogger - but it's too close to my brother's blog. I'm looking for some uniquely mine.

I'll continue to plug away at it. If anyone has any html experience or advice they wouldn't mind sharing, or knows about Dave McKean's art style and would like to create a page for me, I'd be grateful.

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