Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A tranquil sea

I always choose a window seat when I'm flying. I said in the previous post how I look out the window while riding in the car. The same is true for flying. I enjoy watching the world pass by, thinking about life.

Most people I've talked with like window seats as long as it's not cloudy. They enjoy watching the mountains or lakes or rivers or cities as they pass. Personally, I prefer the clouds. Between the rolling, boiling cumulus clouds creating mountains of marshmallows in the sky to the overlay stratus clouds that wrap around the land like a blanket on a cold day. I'll take the clouds, thank you.

It's serene in the sky. Flying is peaceful. There are no wars, there are no car crashes, there are no buildings or buses or traffic jams. It's free. It's clear. The clouds go on for as far as the eye can see with nothing obstructing your view. A tranquil sea a mile above the land. No waves. No hurricanes. No man-made eyesores. Just nature in all her aesthetic glory.

I like clouds. They make me happy.

A tranquil sea, blanketing the land, protecting her.

P.S. My office is ridiculously cold today.

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nae4blue said...

I've never been on a plane, but you make it sound wonderful.