Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Enjoy the silence

Into great Silence.

I've had very little to say the past few days.

The most interesting result of this is how others have reacted. People get uncomfortable during silent periods, they think something is wrong. I'm not sure why. I do it, too. I supposed it's perhaps a condition of our society or our culture. We talk. We talk a lot. Conversing back and forth is considered a good thing; lack of conversation a bad thing. This is especially true on dates. If I go on a date and conversation doesn't play out like a tennis match I might as well take her number out of my phone. Truthfully though, I don't believe the best relationships are those where conversation bounces back and forth. I think the best relationships are those where no words need to be said at all.

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--jeff * said...

"why do we feel it's necessary to yack about bull in order to be comfortable? that's when you know you've found someone really special: when you can just sit back and shut up."