Saturday, October 25, 2008

Everyone, meet Clio

On Monday most of my computer parts arrived. On Friday my processor finally arrived. (It actually arrived Thursday but I wasn't here to receive it; hence why Hell has not been raised and a coup d'etat for the throne of hell has not taken place.)

Friday after work I began assembling my computer. It started out looking something like this:

It's kinda like Christmas.

I then started assembling the whole thing. After about an hour or being pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to connect hard disk drives and Blu-Ray/DVD drives (they literally just snap into place) and running SATA cables (which are about 1/5th the size of IDE cables), I had everything configured. The case looked pretty empty. I got the processor put in, removed the stock thermal compound, put on my Arctic Silver 5, attached the heatsink, and it looked something like this:

Yay for turbines on PCs.

Ok, so you can't really see the inside. Still, it's a nice case, isn't it?

Then I hooked it all up, turned it on...and nothing happened.

I checked some jumpers on the motherboard and tried again; it started to spin a little but the shut off again. Then I messed around with a few more things - didn't actually change anything though - and tried again. This time it worked, but no video. No POST. Just spinning of fans.

After another 20 minutes of adjusting cables and everything, it finally powered on. It looked like this:

It makes a good night light.

I was kinda surprised myself; I didn't know it had blue LEDs on it.

Anyways, another few hours of installing software and CMOS settings, and my PC is now running at a nice 3.6GHz and sitting at about 75C at full load (a little hot, I know, but the thermal compound still hasn't set in). It plays everything nicely.

BioShock, once again, was a pain in the butt to load and get working, but it plays beautifully now. I'm kind of sad the only version of Windows I have is a 32bit version since my processor is just begging for a 64bit, but until I can wine-and-dine Jared into getting me a copy of Vista Ultimate 64bit, this'll do. (Marvia, you and Jared can expect to be taken out to dinner over Christmas.)

I've named her Clio. (Ok, so it's not that original of a name since that's what's on the case, but it's a placeholder for the time being. I'll change the name later when I get a 64bit version of Windows and it becomes a more permanent system.)


--jeff * said...

hi clio. i live down the hall from you. i think it's cool that you glow blue. a lot of things in our house glow blue, now...

pynkpandah said...

Hi Clio!!

I named my laptop Oni!