Friday, November 14, 2008

A few things

My goal: readers over time

While working on my post yesterday I did some Google searches to try and find a way to create a descending top 10 list to no avail. All was not lost though! During my search I did find several tips and tricks for blogging. Here's what it produced:
  • 'In search of a muse' is no longer located at and is now officially at I figured I could spare the $10 a year and registered it. I recommend you update your bookmarks and links, but if you don't want to you really don't have to. Blogger, being a part of Google, and Google, being a benevolent demi-god, keeps the old address and forwards it to the new one automatically.
  • I've added a Twitter update: it's on the right, just above the 'My life in a paragraph' section. This is for quick updates and comments I may have. I can update it via text messaging so it won't be drawn out thoughts and will probably be updated more frequently. According to Twitter, the main goal is to answer one question: what are you doing right now? That's what that's for. I may also use it for fun quotes or random thoughts I have. Or fun text messages. [After having checked the source code as well as re-installing and completely removing any and all edits, I've decided there's nothing I can do to get it working at this time. Google warns that it may take up to three days for the new site to be up fully; hopefully it'll be up again when that happens.] [And now it's working again.]
  • I'm going to try a Monday through Friday update schedule. I don't know how well it'll work or if I'll be able to stick with it but I'm going to try.
  • I found out how to remove the 'blogger' bar at the top of the page but decided to leave it because I couldn't figure out how to log into my blog without it. If anyone has any advice on how to do so I'd appreciate it.
  • According to one of the 'tips' from the sites I read, you should want to read your blog if it didn't belong to you. I think what I write for the most part is entertaining or enlightening, if a little long winded, and I think I'd read it. There are a handful of you who read this regularly and I appreciate that; it means I must be doing something right. I'd like to get more than the ~25 daily readers I have and moving beyond just people I know, but everyone has to start somewhere and I'm always happy to hear people read it.
  • I'm looking to change the background image on the site (the one to the left and right of the blog itself). I never could get it to look how I wanted and eventually just said "meh" and moved on. I'm gonna try to find something more fitting.


nae4blue said...

I'm not sure if I've ever witnessed a chocobo that rampages, but odeka de chocobo when listening to it on repeat provokes mania. I'm a riot during that nobuo uematsu song.

bigmark74 said...

speaking of the twitter app, where the crap is my 'cat' quote?

Tim said...

The Twitter app comes and goes. Google said it would take 3 days or so for the site to be fully transferred over and so I'm hoping that'll solve the problem.

If not...I don't know what I can do. The code is all correct.

Gismya said...

When I sold my computer, and then had to wait over a month for the new one to arrive I forgot to save my bookmarks and feeds. But now I'm back and reading.

Loving your blog :)
/Random from sweden

Brooke said...

Oh, it has been forever since I went Chocobo racing! By far, one of my favorite games. The only problem with those games is the end guy. I can never pass them. I still need to finish Kingdom Hearts, but most likely won't because I can't beat the end villain...