Thursday, November 27, 2008

Go hug someone

Let your friends know

Today is the day America has decided we should remember what we're thankful for. A lot of families will do things like have each person say something their thankful for before feasting on a very tasty turkey with stuffing. It's a good idea, but I encourage you to go one step further and let someone know that you're thankful for them in your life. Give them a hug and tell them. Don't just say that you're thankful for your friends and trust they know that they're a part of that. Being appreciated as part of a group isn't the same as being appreciated for who you are individually. Being told "I love all my friends" isn't the same as saying "I love you."

I'm currently in Vegas with my some of my friends. While I will be telling them that I'm thankful that they're my friends and I'm glad I know them, there is one person I won't be around to tell that I would like to, so I'm going to do so here:

Thank you, Brooke

Brooke, I met you a few months ago after wakeboarding and boating, but it wasn't really until the past few weeks we've gotten to know each other beyond just watching movies with groups of friends. I want you to know that I'm really glad I know you and that your my friend, I love reading your blog and I'm always happy to read your e-mails. I hope you keep sending them.

I hope everyone who reads this tells someone they're thankful to have in their lives how they feel today - tell them in person, call them up, or at least send them a personal e-mail. Just let them know you're happy to have them in your life and for their friendship (or more, depending on your relationship with the person).

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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kwistin said...

Hey, Tim. Thanks for posting this. I usually make a point to let my friends as well as my family know I love them, but didn't feel like calling or texting everyone today. After reading your blog, however, I decided that life is too short to just assume that people know you love them.

So i remedied that.

thank you!