Thursday, November 20, 2008

On medicine and celestial happiness

It looks like this

After last night, my medicine cabinet is stocked with the following:
  • large bottle of Advil
  • large bottle of Aleve
  • two boxes of bandages
  • Neosporin
  • hydrocortisone cream
  • NyQuil
  • two 6", 4" and 3" elastic bandage wraps
  • two packages of sports tape
  • Excedrin
  • allergy medication
  • huge bottle of Vitamin C
  • large bottle of Vitamin E
  • Calcium supplements
  • two large bottles of multivamins
I think I'm ready for both flu season and snowboard season. I have enough medication to prevent or subdue any illness I may contract and enough miscellaneous bandages that I could probably serve as a part-time medic for US forces in Iraq.

For those of you who religiously follow this site, or simply whom I talk to regularly, you heard mention of the celestial bliss I experienced over lunch. Now I have had time to fully contemplate on this once-in-a-lifetime experience and have decided to speak about it in more detail. For those who missed it, I discovered the most amazing thing ever to be ordered at a restaurant: footlong bacon chili cheese dog. Say it again with me: footlong bacon chili cheese dog.

As good as it looks

Think about that for a second. Go on. Let the true glory of that sink in. It's not just a chili dog; it's a footlong chili dog. With cheese. And if THAT weren't enough: bacon. I found it at Wienerschnitzel, a fast food place like Taco Bell or A&W, but instead of tacos, bells, A's, or W's, they have hot dogs.

Prior to moving to Utah I'd never heard of them. According to their website, they've got so many locations covering California they look like a rash, with a handful of locations in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Colorado, and then one location in Illinois and Louisiana. I suppose I can see why this is mostly a west coast company; the east coast is well known for hot dog vendors on street corners and people in the midwest just make their own combining the leftovers from last year's Easter ham, slaughter spillover and whatever they hit on the highway. The west coast lacks such luxuries and so they require a specific restaurant to fulfill their pseudo-meat indulgences.

I own it on blu-ray!

I can't complain. Any situation that evokes the creation of something as celestially glorious as the footlong bacon chili cheese dog cannot be criticized. It's like being upset at Disney for pulling out of the animated film business - it seems like a bad thing, but then you realize that they're pumping all that cash into Pixar and producing films like Finding Nemo and Wall-E. The ends justify the means.

EDIT: I just edited the twitter feed on the right side again; now it's in HTML format. If you can't view it or it doesn't load anything, leave a comment and let me know. I've gotten reports that it just takes a long time to load, but it should be faster than the Flash version and more compatible.

I may go back to Flash if HTML doesn't play nice.


pynkpandah said...

- I've never ordered a hotdog that didn't have bacon on it.

- I don't miss Disney animated films, because i still have my piles and piles of Anime to watch. - Plus, the really don't make them like they used to. And i like Wall- E.

- I'm taking bets on how long it takes you to get sick of fucking around with Twitter and stab it with a spoon.

- S

Alisha said...

First of all... i didn't even NOTICE Disney wasn't making any animation anymore.

Second of all... I feel as if I should offended at the midwest comment... lol

Third of all... That sounds so delicious. Next time I get a coney cheese dog at A&W I'ma get a side of bacon.

And last of all... make sure the spoon isn't too big.

Tim said...

-I didn't know ordering bacon on a hot dog was considered normal. Is this an Australian thing?

-I miss traditional Disney films occasionally, but I love the new Pixar films.

-I like my Twitter feed and I like messing around with the code. I'll probably keep it for awhile.

-Disney still does CG films here and there, but they're out of the 2-D animated business last I heard.

-You shouldn't; I'm from the Midwest afterall. It was more of a stab at what's in hot dogs.

-It was and you should.

-I'm a banana.

--jeff * said...

1. now i know why you wanted to trade bathroom drawers.

2. i am truly madly deeply envious of your blu-ray "wall.e".