Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dreams and Twitter

Like this, only made from logs

Last night I dreamt I was on vacation on a houseboat, or what was more like a houseboat community. There were several houseboats all together in this same little area; one was actually a convenience store that was run by a teenager who didn't say much.

I was with friends, maybe a dozen of them, mostly from high school. It was sort of a reunion vacation. We reminisced about old times, talked about what we were doing, and swam around. At the end of the day I remember talking with Lindsey in her room while sitting on her bed. As the conversation progressed and got more personal, she suddenly got up, walked across the room, grabbed a children's picture book titled "My First Baseball Game" and proceeded to read it to me as if she were my mother. Normally Lindsey has good reasons for why she does what she does so I didn't really ask, but after about five minutes of her talking to me like I was a 3 year old I simply said, "what are you doing?"

"I thought you could you use a bedtime story, sweetie." she cooed back.

This really confused me. We hadn't made any indication of going to sleep and Lindsey has never a) thought I needed a bedtime story (at least not vocally) and b) cooed anything that I know of in her life.

I asked her again why she was doing this and she just replied that she had already told me. I was tired and so decided to go to my room to go to bed. On my way I passed the kitchen of the houseboat (more like a log cabin), and saw a friend who looked like he had a similar experience. I asked and he said he had been talking with a girl and she had done something similar - she tried to tuck him in and sing him a lullaby.

We looked around for something that could explain this. We searched the living room and found a journal on the bookshelf called "Human interaction data." When we looked through it we found out that both the girls we had been talking with were listed in there as "tests." Lindsey had "Complete outer shell and simple interactions complete and working; still hollow in personal and meaningful conversations. Tends to default settings. Still very promising" written next to her name. The girl my friend had been with had "Outer shell functional but still has issues with basic conversation and interactions beyond initial meeting" written next to her's. Reading on we found out both of these girls, as well as the store clerk, were in fact androids created by Microsoft and they were testing their interaction abilities on us. This explains why the store clerk was quiet ("Functional and can obey orders but not adaptive enough for responses") and why Lindsey and the girl had started treating us like children: the "default" settings and tests were mother programs that they tested on small children initially, apparently with enough success that they decided to test them on us. As the interactions and conversations had progressed beyond frivolities and mindless chatter, the programs had started to fail since they had no information on what to do and particularly were limited in our personal histories (although the Lindsey android knew a decent amount; I could only surmise they had gotten her permission and had her write down all she could remember or they probed her mind).

It was shortly after that I woke up. I wish I could have seen where it would have gone.

From the looks of it, the issue with the Twitter updates not showing isn't/wasn't my fault no Googles and is actually an error on Twitter's end. There's a number of people reporting this same issue in the last day and I've tried it on various other sites and with the HTML code and it all returns nothing. It works the first time but the code doesn't recall properly.

In the mean time, I got the flash version working. It doesn't quite blend in as nicely, but it works.

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Brooke said...

Interesting dream. I remember almost all of my dreams the next day because they are so vivid. It's like I never sleep. Ah well...I have often wished a dream would continue.