Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dear Santa, I have been a very good boy. This year I want socks. Sincerely, Tim.

Pirate socks: sweet!

Believe it or not, that's actually my Christmas list this year. That's not my entire list, but it is a significant portion and oddly enough the thing I think I want the most, the Adidas Samba Classics being a close second.

Why am I asking for socks for Christmas? These are the things that, had I gotten them for Christmas a decade ago, would have left me bored and probably quite upset that a perfectly good gift was wasted on something like socks.

NERF tech has advanced

Today it seems that socks are a perfectly good gift and are in fact preferable to the random toys for my home or office. Don't misunderstand: I still want the random toys, I just want the socks more. I've been meaning to buy new socks to replace my current ones for quite some time -- many are years old and are in less than reputable condition -- and figured that their price would make them ideal for Christmas suggestions for people who cannot afford the $49 usb webcam and rocket launcher for my desk at work. Last year around this time I threw out almost all of my underwear and bought all new pairs. I need to do that with socks now.

Best system ever developed

This raises the question: when did I stop asking for toys and game systems for Christmas? I know a few years ago I had a rice maker on my list which perplexed my family. To date, the only Christmas gift that's gotten more use than that rice maker is our Super Nintendo that we got back in the Christmas of 1991 (I think). On one hand I think I've grown up some and as such don't desire things like games as much. Then I realize that just two months ago I spent about $1400 to build a new computer just so I could play new video games. Obviously I'm not quite as "grown up" in the traditional sense as I may think at times.

Truthfully I don't think I want games any less now than I did as a kid. I still love video games and still love playing them.

Anyone want to buy this for me?

They still hold a very precious place close to my heart and are associated with some of my fondest memories. The reason I'm not asking for them for Christmas anymore is because I had a job now and I can afford my own games. Yes, there are some on my Christmas list that I haven't bought yet -- games I would like to have but not enough to use money that could pay off bills instead. I do have my priorities. Sometimes. Christmas is no longer the time to get the gifts you couldn't get throughout the rest of the year like it was when I was a child. Now Christmas is the time to get gifts you haven't bothered to get yourself because there are other things you want more and already bought yourself.

Oh, and that whole "birth of Jesus" thing, too.


kwistin said...

Tim, I think we both know why you want socks.

We are going to start a punk band.

Tim said...

Yes, yes we will.

We totally need a jam session one of these days. I can play a mean C chord.