Monday, December 22, 2008

Flight log

I hate aisle seats

A collection of my thoughts from the flight:
  • My flight has been cancelled. I can't say I'm surprised, but how the crap am I going to get home?
  • United charges $15 for any checked luggage?! Screw this, I'm taking this as a carry on.
  • I have an aisle seat. I hate aisle seats. Oh well.
  • The kid next to me refuses to turn his phone off when the plane is taking off -- and he's bragging to his friends about how he drank 7 beers than drove home from a college party. Way to go, evolution.
  • I got tired of seeing him try and be sly about his phone; I explained that the electromagnetic field from the phone and the signals it's transmitting and receiving interfere with the instruments and radio signals of the plane and air traffic control and that they ask you to turn it off for safety reasons. He turned it off now.
  • I read "Coraline" by Neil Gaiman on this flight: it's going to be such a good film.
  • The plane is landing and the gears are making some noise; everyone near me is convinced it's a dog in the luggage area. I asked them how many dogs they knew could bark and shake floors. They gave me a blank stare.
  • I've got about 30 minutes to get through the Denver airport to catch another flight. And I just missed the train because the guy in front of me on the escalator just stood there. Great.
  • Ok, I made it to the terminal right as the plane is boarding, but since it's a different company (Frontier instead of United) I don't have a boarding pass. Crap.
  • Hey, there's Susanne -- I was wondering if I'd see anyone I knew on this flight.
  • The lady is checking if there's anyone in standby before looking at my ticket. Will I get a seat??
  • I didn't know there were times when you'd walk out onto the tarmac and get into your plane by the stairs that are kept on the plane itself. Or where you had to put your own luggage in the compartment. Or that had propellers instead of jet engines.
  • Got a seat. It's by the aisle again.
  • I'm sitting next to a marine in full uniform. He's said five words, all of which have been expletives of one sort or another about how we haven't taken off yet.
  • It's time for takeoff and we haven't moved.
  • The pilot just said there's been an "incident" (exactly what the pilot said) on the runway we're supposed to take off from and so we're being shuffled around. He hopes we'll take off in about 30 minutes. Everyone is groaning and complaining. I don't really mind. Stuff happens.
  • It's been 30 minutes, still no movement.
  • 45 minutes have passed, we're moving to the runway now. We're taxiing quite a ways. This is a big airport.
  • Holy crap this plane vibrates and shakes a lot.
  • Hey, there's I-94, West Acres, Best Buy, my old apartment... good to know things haven't changed.
  • Ok, we've landed; the marine next to me is looking a bit more pleasant. He saw me looking out the window and moved over a bit so I could see better -- he said he hasn't been home in a year and a half.
  • It's cold here. I like it.
  • Oh, the "incident" was actually a plane crash. I kind of assumed, but it's probably a good thing the pilot didn't say that.
And that was my flight log.

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Jarannis Orranis (Chris) said...

It just rolled off the side of the runway, that's all.