Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Liberation Transmission, by Lostprophets

Liberation Transmission

Quite a different album from the others on this list. I think that's why it makes it. Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, and Incubus -- different sounds in all of them. Lostprophets completes the top five with their 3rd album (3 of the 5 albums here are 3rd albums) of Liberation Transmission. It's not quite as transcendental, hurt-filled, or melancholy as the others. But it's a lot of fun and very upbeat.

Lostprophets are a hard rock band from Wales. This album of theirs begins with the song "Everyday Combat" about living in a hectic world but still enjoying yourself even though you're not a part of it. There's combat, there's riots, there are fights -- in our lives, in the world, at bars on Saturday nights -- but they're living in a DMZ. It's never going to end or go away, so the best you can do is just not be a part of it. Enjoy yourself and have fun despite the war; dance in the DMZ.

A few songs later, "Rooftops" has the wonderful lines, "standing on the rooftops everybody scream your heart out." It's about doing what you can -- saying what you want to say and trying to do what you can. If you don't succeed, you can at least say you tried. It's got power behind it, when you hear it you want to do whatever you can to live life in a way that you won't be regretful or upset about what you did. If change needs to be made, try to make it. If you need to scream, scream. I'm always reminded of the scene from Garden State. In the rain, overlooking a massive sink hole, Zach Braff climbs onto some old digging equipment just starts screaming as loud as he can. He's not angry -- quite the opposite -- he does it just because it feels good. I think this song captures that same feeling.

Other notable songs are "Can't Stop, Gotta Date with Hate" and "Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters and the Story of a Lonely Girl." The former has the wonderfully written chorus, "Andie, you're a Goonie! Don't you wake me up, I don't want this dream to end," and the latter "You'll regret it all, living behind your wall. And you'll never fall in love if you don't risk it all." Contrasting some of the songs on the other albums about closing yourself off, this one pushes forth that you've got to keep trying. You might have been hurt and you might be protecting yourself, but if you don't take the chance you'll never succeed. Every relationship is a risk but it's one you've got to take.

I would be amiss if I didn't mention one more song from this album, "4:AM Forever" This is the song that made me really love Lostprophets. It goes well with the previous songs because this one is about losing the one you're with -- losing your best friend and the person you love. It's catchy, as all their songs are, but lets you know that when they sing the other songs about pushing on and opening yourself up again, risking getting hurt and putting your all into a relationship, they know that it can hurt, too. It's hard to take advice about getting over a problem if the person you're talking to has never experienced the problem themselves. I wouldn't trust a priest to understand a heroin addiction; I wouldn't trust someone who married their high school sweetheart to understand a broken engagement or a divorce. It's easy to be ideal when you've never experienced it yourself.

It's not a long album, and it's not for everyone, but I love it.

["Everyday Combat," by Lostprophets]

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