Friday, December 19, 2008

Two things

Snow, the bane of Utah drivers

One) No one in Utah knows how to drive in the snow. This boggles my mind. It's not that much different from driving in rain or any other weather: you brake earlier and you take corners wider. That's about it. If it's a blizzard with lots of blowing snow and you can't see, then sure, slow down a bit. Otherwise, just brake earlier.

If it's a gentle snowfall -- the kind that makes you want to build a snowman -- you don't need to slow down to 20 mph on the interstate. Maybe go from 85 mph to 70 mph; not 20 mph. This is especially true if you drive an all-wheel drive SUV. If my front-wheel drive, low-riding sports car can handle this weather, your SUV can, I promise. Seriously. I don't want to take an hour and twenty minutes to get to work each morning. It gets annoying.

Two) I'm still asking for guest writers for the holidays. There are no set topics or lengths -- a paragraph on cats would be fine -- but if you'd like I can provide topics. Just don't complain if the topic I give you is the Spanish Civil War. I'd like to know asap to give you time to write something and to let me know about how many posts I should plan to write myself.

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