Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why are there no pencils here?

While working on the update for today -- something different than the usual writing -- I found out my office is completely devoid of pencils. I've spent the last few hours working on this post but it's looking like it won't be done until Wednesday. Since I spent most of my free time today working on that I'm lacking in anything in-depth and insightful.

I still have a source of entertainment for you: take the time you would spend reading my blog and go play Auditorium. It's a cool concept with fun puzzles. So go on. Click the link and play it.

Don't worry, regular updates will return on Wednesday.

[I'm also taking applications for guest writers over Christmas break since I don't think I'll have time to write a blog post each day while I'm home. If anyone would care to write something, leave a comment and we'll talk.]

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--jeff * said...

while i'm not sure what i'll post for my own blog, maybe i'll take a shot a being a guest writer for yours...