Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Turkey bacon? Bacon turkey!

Anyone who knows me knows of my love for bacon. It should be obvious really, since everyone loves bacon.

A friend of mine, Eric, has been telling about a product he's found that he venerates: Bacon Salt. It's bacon seasoning, essentially. The website,, touts the slogan, "Everything should taste like bacon." I do not disagree.

Of course, I was apprehensive at first. Would this be simply like garlic powder, little more than a failed attempt to placate the feelings mustered up when one doesn't get their fix of garlic? Or would this be more akin to Lawry's Seasoning Salt, a unique and useful flavoring but unlike anything natural? According to the website it's both vegetarian and kosher -- can something truly hold the power and delectable flavor of bacon while falling under two categories that vilify it?

Can the rumors be true?

Eric claims this is legit. My friend Mark does, too. Two first-hand reports say that this actually makes things taste like bacon. And more than that, it goes on everything, oatmeal not excluded. Intrigued and curious, today, I put in an order for the variety four-pack of Bacon Salt, including original, natural, hickory, and peppered Bacon Salt flavors. I even found a coupon online to get it half-off (coupon code: operationbaconsalt).

In a week, I should have Bacon Salt and first-hand experience. At that time I'll report with a full analysis of Bacon Salt and my culinary opinion thereof. I do not expect to be disappointed.

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