Thursday, January 1, 2009

Beginning 2009: I lied

In my last post I said that regular updates will begin today. The idea was that I had about a week and a half worth of posts written up and that they'd post automatically, and during that time I'd write joyfully sardonic posts regarding my happenings and humorous aphorisms that came from my holiday break. Probably do a New Years post with resolutions and something like a 2008 "year in review" or something. Hopefully it'd be entertaining to read.

It didn't happen.

I'm not gonna lie: I've spent most of this break playing old NES games, receiving gifts in a very Hanukkah-esque fashion (Amazon didn't get my presents here on the 24th like they guaranteed -- they arrived the 29th through 31st), and going through boxes of my old stuff (I found my beard trimmer and my old blankie!).

So far this break I've "accomplished" the following:
  • Passed Crystalis on the NES
  • Guided my brother through The Legend of Zelda's second quest on the NES
  • Read Neil Gaiman's Coraline (fantastic; the movie should be wonderful and I'm now giddy for it)
  • Not made anyone cry that I know of (for my family this is actually an accomplishment over the holidays; things get tense when we're together for extended periods)
  • Had dinner with two girls I had crushes on in high school (not at the same time; that probably wouldn't have gone over well)
  • Finally bought a pair of brown shoes and a brown belt after saying I'll get them for three years
  • Bought a black suit
  • Bought a new cell phone (this resulted in several calls to Sprint's help desk, a trip to the Sprint store, and Sprint eventually giving me $170 credited to my account for the "inconvenience" of my plan being screwed up, which was actually Best Buy's fault)
  • Have almost passed Dragon Warrior 2 on the NES (something I never accomplished in my younger years)
  • Become the owner of the Twilight series of books (I imagine this will cause a few people who read this to either erupt in laughter or be utterly confused; one of whom is Norwegian!)
  • I think I went a day without getting on a computer
  • Got my high school physics teacher to sing in Rock Band 2
  • Got beat by my high school physics teacher in Trivial Pursuit
  • Spent more time with my brother than I have in probably the last 6 months
  • Avoided getting into shouting matches/arguments regarding politics
I might go into detail on some of those things later, but probably not unless specifically requested.


Jarannis Orranis (Chris) said...

*applauds the purchasing of Twilight*

Alisha said...

YAY! Twilight!