Monday, January 26, 2009

Mandatory naps

We need you to... take a lunch...

My usual workday is from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM without a lunch break. I eat at my desk during my leisure time. This way I can get to work towards the end of the morning rush and get home before it gets too bad, plus I'm available all day to provide support for the employees here.

On Friday I was informed that I can no longer do this. I am now required to work from 8 AM to 5 PM with an hour long lunch break from Noon to 1 PM.

I have no need for an hour long lunch break. After years of being given only 30 minutes for lunch in the public school systems, 15 minutes of which is spent waiting in line to get said food and another 5 minutes needed to get to class, I can finish an entire meal in under 10 minutes. Most days I just bring in a sandwich from home; it takes about 5 minutes to eat it. That leaves me with 55 minutes of "lunch" left.

Initially I figured I'd just bring in a book and read during my requisite lunch. I've been meaning to do more reading -- last week I purchased This Is Your Brain On Music and have been enjoying it immensely. And for Christmas I received a copy of Snoop, so that's on the list of books to read, too. I also considered bringing in my guitar and practicing for an hour a day. Or going to a gym -- but my gym is about 30 minutes away so by the time I got there I'd have to turn around and go back to work.

Today I managed to forget my books.

I concur

And I didn't bring in my guitar -- I'm still thinking that might be a bit too much, I haven't decided yet. So today I've decided that at noon I'm just going to close my office door, turn off the lights, and take a nap. If my company is going to force me to not work for an hour I'm going to make the most of it: I'm going to sleep.

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