Thursday, January 22, 2009


Our championship event

My family is different from many. Whereas in most households, the men get excited about the Rose Bowl or the Super Bowl, in my family, the Academy Awards are the time of anticipation.

Since he first saw Pulp Fiction on television, my brother has been interested in film. Maybe it happened before that, too, but I don't really know. He'll probably leave a comment to clarify. And since my brother has been into film, my Dad has been into it, too. Again, maybe he was into film before my brother; I'm sketchy on the exact details and this is just how I remember them happening. When my brother and father would sit around and discuss movies, I'd usually keep an ear open since I found it entertaining. I can't name the Academy Award winners for the past 70 years like they can, but I try to pat attention all the same. I do enjoy quality cinema in my own right, even if I don't go slack-jawed over the Criterion Collection. Around that same time, '97-'98 if I recall, AFI released their "Top 100 Films" list. This raised the level of excitement even more since now my father and brother had a list of movies to look through and discuss that were supposed to be the "best."

I didn't pay much attention until a few years later when Gladiator won "Best Picture" because I thought it was wonderful. I think I was the only person in my family rooting for it since at the time I was the only one who had seen it -- my family doesn't watch rated 'R' films. Prior to censoring software and editing versions of films it was quite difficult for my brother to watch many of the Academy Award nominations.

The Oscar nominations for the 2008 films came out today. Topping the list for most nominations is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with 13 nominations. I'm quite happy about that since I loved the film and thought it was very well done; my brother I'm sure will have a different opinion since he wasn't as fond of it. The Dark Knight got 7 nominations, one for Heath Ledger which I don't think surprised anyone. I don't think there's any question that Wall-E will win "Best Animated Picture," though I have no doubt my brother is saddened it didn't get nominated for "Best Picture."

The awards are presented on February, 22nd. As I said, this is our Super Bowl.


Mark A. said...

i just spent five minutes looking at the pic you have on this post. i can name the vast majority of the movies that they come from. (thank you, jeff)

--jeff * said...

you've made enough references to me that i feel i've already said plenty.