Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Proposing to a girl

It happened on Monday

I left something out of my last post. When I went shopping at the mall I also stopped at the food court for some Chinese food -- normally I don't like the fast-food American Chinese food, but a friend of mine ordered Chinese earlier in the day and after talking to her I was craving egg rolls. While I was eating my egg roll a pretty girl interrupted me, "Would you propose to me? Over there, by that group of people?" she said, gesturing to the crowded part of the food court next to the McDonald's.

I knew that Utah, particularly Provo, has a reputation for girls wanting to get married but this seemed rather forward. One thing my experience here has taught me is that if the girls do want to get married -- and I'm not convinced they do -- they're not aggressive and definitely not that forward. But I had heard stories and so this was not completely unheard of. I was caught off guard and didn't really know what to say; I think I'm attractive in my own right but not to the point where random cute girls ask me to marry them in the middle of a food court.

My next thought was that she had an ex sitting in the group and wanted to make him jealous. This I was actually ok with. I'm kind of malicious apparently.

I think she sensed my confusion since after about 15 seconds she followed it up with, "It's for a scavenger hunt. We need a video of someone being proposed to."

Looking over her shoulder I noticed a group of five people standing at a distance stifling laughter. This made more sense and fit more into the Utah mold of random behavior than sudden engagements. "Pity," I thought, "she's cute."

"I even have a ring...?" she shyly said, offering what I presume was a small, cubic zirconia ring. I could see she was apparently embarrassed to ask this, though she was hiding it quite well, and I knew I should say something before she left.

"Ok, I can do that. Just over there?" I said.

"Yep. I'll get one of my friends to watch your stuff if you'd like." She was quite spot on with this since at that exact moment I was trying to figure out what to do with my newly purchased sweater vest and socks.

Walking over the desired position in the food court I asked her if there was anything specific she wanted me to say or do.

"We just need you down on one knee offering me the ring. If you want to do anything more you can."

I didn't spend 8 years of my life in theatre to just get down on one knee, even if it wasn't real. I made up a little speech about meeting her for the first time and getting to know her, told her that I knew in my heart I love her and that I want to spend my life with her. I got down on one knee and offered her the ring.

She took the ring, smiled and giggled a little.

I stood up, hugged her like I assume people do when they get engaged, her friends clapped and cheered, she said thank you and I went back to my table to finish dinner. I didn't even learn her name.


Gismya said...

You should have taken her number :)

And I'm so jealous, which it would have happened to me.

nae4blue said...

Hehehe. That's so lovely. I ask people to marry me all the time.

--jeff * said...

reading about your ad-libbed speech, i'm so darn proud of you.

utah valley scavenger hunts give way to a fair amount of noteworthy experiences like that. i once had my picture taken at macey's when two girls needed a picture with someone with a beard.
but you're story definitely wins.

Brooke said...

Haha...I love it.