Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Heath Ledger Award goes to...

I Googled "Academy Awards"

The Academy Awards, while entertaining largely in part due to Wolverine (aka Hugh Jackman), were not much of a surprise. Slumdog Millionaire took Best Director and Best Picture, Sean Penn and Kate Winslet won Best Actor/Actress, Wall-E won Best Animated Film, Penelope Cruz won Best Supporting Actress, and Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor which might as well have been named the Heath Ledger Award.

Hugh Jackman was a brilliant choice for hosting. He was funny without being snarky, he was fun to watch sing and dance without being gawdy, and he's Wolverine. I really think that, had he not gotten his break into America cinema as Wolverine in X-Men, he would have become the next Hugh Grant-ish romantic comedy star. He can sing, he can dance, he's got the looks. Although Kate & Leopold didn't really work; Meg Ryan should stay paired with Tom Hanks.

I suppose it's good that quality films got recognized -- particularly relatively low budget ($15 million), small films like Slumdog Millionaire that almost didn't even make it to theaters. But it would have been nice to be surprised by some of the decisions. Being anticipatory about who will win is most of the fun of award shows. If you know who's winning it's like watching a Superbowl where you already know who wins -- sure there might be some entertaining moments, but the excitement is lost.

by Danny Boyle

While all the nominees were good, most critics and reviewers were able to predict who would win. Of course, Danny Boyle does deserve Best Director -- I haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire yet but his work on everything from A Life Less Ordinary to Sunshine to 28 Days Later is incredible. He's just a great film maker.

Forgive the somewhat generic posting -- my weekend was rather relaxed: I read, practiced guitar, slept a lot, worked a bit, and that was about it. Writing about it wouldn't be all too entertaining.
I did play laser tag with some friends but it was rather anticlimactic since the arena was too small and the people playing were just walking around shooting wherever they could. I firmly believe if you're going to play laser tag in a maze-like arena in

Laser Tag: it's pretty much Tron

blacklight you should get into it, hiding and moving like a Delta Force squad. Most of the people playing walked around like New Yorkers in a subway. It took away a lot of fun when people don't care if they get shot.

I think that's why I prefer paintball. People get more into playing carefully because being shot hurts. Pain is a great motivator for dodging.

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Brooke said...

The last time I played laser tag, my date yelled at me in German to "get down on the floor". He was SO close to going to the emergency room with a laser gun up his nose! Polite "first date etiquette" was the only thing that saved him a sound beating.