Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cadbury ♥

Need I say more?

For about two months a year, Cadbury makes and sells the Cadbury Creme Eggs. These used to be accompanied by commercials of a cute rabbit making "bock bock bock" sounds that I actually enjoyed as a kid, though that was largely because they meant that Cadbury Creme Eggs were once again in stores. And I just like bunnies.

I made a trip to Walmart for some dish detergent and a new bottle of face wash. I actually enjoy shopping for hygiene products -- there's something I find enjoyable about taking care of myself and being clean. Plus the face wash I buy looks like uranium-238. Seriously. It glows in the dark.

While at the Mart of Wally I walked past the holiday display. Which was now bright green instead of bright red. The first candies I saw were red and so I just assumed it was Valentine's Day leftovers. Then I saw it -- an endcap stocked with Peeps.

The Heralds of the Eggs

I don't like Peeps. I never have. I don't really think anyone in my family ever has. They're marshmallows with glittery crap on them. The appeal is lost on me. However, Peeps are the Herald of the Creme Eggs. Where there are Peeps, there are Creme Eggs. This sent a shiver of joy down my spine and I quickly made my way to the aisle behind the Peeps. First I didn't see them -- the glorious eggs, wrapped in shiny foil of blue and red and yellow seemed to elude my vision.

"Are they not here? Were the signs not there? Are the Peeps lying to me?" I thought to myself. As I continued to search I began contemplating the demise of the Peeps should they have lied to me. This was a sin most grievous and terrible. To give signs of Creme Eggs and then not produce them is punishable by Death by Microwave (for Peeps it's a slow and painful death preceded by gigantism).

Plain, yet so beautiful

Then I saw them. In a plain box, with little flair and advertising, they sat. Cadbury Creme Eggs. Boxes of 4. Pure. Nestled calmly, one upon the other.

Now, I am, for all intents and purposes, an adult. I pay my taxes, I work a full-time job, I cover my own expenses. But I also believe that part of being an adult is doing what you want. And what I wanted was to buy Creme Eggs. I didn't have a lot of money on me, but I figured I could spare some. I bought 20 Creme Eggs. And I plan on buying a whole lot more before the season is done.

My brother has a room...

I will learn from the squirrels and hamsters of this world and keep a stash of my beloved eggs for the cold, Cadbury-less months. Never again will I go so long without a Creme Egg.

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