Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is a cow

My brother loves cows. At least he did when he was a teenager and in his early-twenties. I assume he still does, but I guess I can't say for sure. Lee loves cows, too.

I've never been altogether fond of them. Sure I find them interesting, but that's true with any large animal. Or any animal. Jeff and Lee had an altogether different fascination with them. I always assumed it was some sort of trendy "it's hip to think cows are awesome" since there was an odd surge in popularity for awhile. (I hope the bovine PR department got a bonus during those years.) I always thought wombats were the best animal around, follow closely by koalas, penguins, and cats. Giant squids and anything in the really deep marine depths comes in at #5 on my list of awesome animals. Y'know, stuff like the Vampyroteuthis Infernalis (literally translated: Vampire Squid from Hell).

Cows are fun animals. I'll admit there is something oddly cute about them. They're also incredibly tasty. And give milk. Those are two pretty big pros for the cows.

It could be true

What I really think is awesome about cows is the stuff people come up with about them. Stuff like Cows With Guns. Because the phrase "Cow Tse Tongue" is awesome. It also leads me to wonder what'll happen when the cows unite against us. I imagine it kind of like a zombie apocalypse. But with cows. And lots of steak.

Come to think of it, I'm really excited for that.


--jeff * said...

i'm still pretty amused by cows (my cow bow tie is my favorite), i'm just less vocal about it i suppose. i think they're kind of funny, yet cool, how they're just content to be a cow.
...although if you're right about a cow uprising, then maybe they aren't so content.

Brooke said...

I work right next to several pastures full of cows. They are indeed times. I will inform you if I see any of them uprise against the farmers, but by that point, it may already be too late for me.