Thursday, February 5, 2009

Linux and I are having relationship issues

Just boot. Please. Pretty please.

At my job I do some diagnostic work from time to time. When systems go down I like to know what happened, but if the computer doesn't boot you can't really look through it; it's akin to asking a coma patient how they're doing.

Most (all?) versions of Linux provide a handy solution to this problem: live CDs. It's an operating system you can boot from the CD and go from there, allowing you to work on the hard drive without those pesky "Windows cannot access this file" problems. And if Linux ever gives you grief about files being inaccessible or not having permission to do something, you can always just sudo it into doing whatever you want. It's basically like telling the computer "if you don't do this I will load you up with country music videos until you beg for death." It's quite effective.

The main appeal to a portable version of Linux is that it's a custom, personal operating system I can carry with me and use on any computer. It's just fun.

I don't carry CDs with me so using my flash drive for this purpose seemed logical. Thankfully there's a website called that has bootable versions of every time of Linux you could ever want, all of which are supposed to be persistant (that means they save your configurations and changes). What the site doesn't tell you is that they aren't. I've tried five different versions of linux from there -- each one multiple times and on multiple systems -- and they don't save. Each time it boots it wipes everything I've done. This is not useful.

I've been working on this for almost four days now and it's kind of driving me nuts. A friend suggested I just install Linux and select the flash drive as the destination claiming it worked for him. So I did that. No dice.

At this point I don't so much care about getting a portable operating system. I don't care about having Linux on my flash drive or storing information. It has come down to a personal vendetta against this concept -- against the entity that is the portable operating system.

And I will win.

[I really don't like the layout of yesterday's post. I'm going to fix it now.]

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--jeff * said...

mostly, i like your threat to the computer.
i should have tried that on my hard drive.