Friday, March 27, 2009

2 minutes

It feels good, doesn't it?

As I've previously stated, I use my cell phone for an alarm clock. There's a really handy program I've found that has all sorts of features, from playing a list of songs in a random order so you don't always wake up to the same thing to asking you to solve math equations in order to turn it off.

One of the features is an attenuating snooze time. There's a setting for the initial snooze time, then one for the percentage that it will drop each time you hit snooze. I've got the initial snooze set to 10 minutes and it declines 20% each time after that. This means that after hitting snooze 7 times -- now 40 minutes past the initial alarm -- I'm only getting 2 minutes between alarms. And yet for some reason, I still keep hitting snooze.

I know that 2 minutes means nothing in terms of quality of sleep. For that matter, the entirety of time after I hit snooze means almost nothing when it comes to quality of sleep. Science has found that once we're initially woken, another 10 minutes doesn't effect how we function throughout the day. So the intervals of sleep we get after hitting snooze are little more than for our own pleasure -- it serves no real purpose.

Even knowing this, I still groggily lean over my bed, reach around my bookcase, and hit the snooze button each and every morning. And I'll keep doing so, because at 7 AM, 2 minutes is a lot of sleep.

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