Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bread tunnel

On average, I eat two sandwiches a day. For breakfast I make a peanut butter and jam sandwich, for lunch usually a meat/cheese sandwich or perhaps just another PB&J depending on what's available.

Going to make the sandwiches of the day, I'm greeted with this:

Down the hole: you can see 6 slices here, minus the 2 I took out and used.

It's a tunnel, about 2" wide and 1" high, boring through no less than 8 slices of bread. (In reality probably more; I just found it and I don't know how many slices were used up prior to my discovery.) I've seen air pockets in bread before, but not like this. I'm literally missing 15% of my loaf of bread.

It took some careful knife work to get the the peanut butter and jam around the hole without having any fall through. I cheated on the meat and cheese sandwich -- a slice of provolone on each piece made a nice base layer for everything else.

Even though I have gotten functionality out of these slices, I can't help but feel somewhat robbed that 15% of my bread is physically absent. It's like I got lite bread, now with 15% fewer calories (and bread).

Speaking to a friend who works at a bakery, she told me about a loaf of bread she once took out of the oven that was over half an air pocket. That would have been rather interesting: it'd make for a good bread bowl at least, if unintentionally.


--jeff * said...

i think i had the first slice of the tunnel; there was one slice before that start the bubble.
i agree; corned beef and swiss is much easier in this case than pb&j.

Alisha said...

wel... I didn't take it out... since the bakers do that in the middle of the night
but occassionally we ahve to slice it for the sandwich line (or if I am ON the sandwich line) so it was just a sad bread... we kept picking it up and saying what sad bread it was... like the hole was meant to be a handle.