Monday, March 16, 2009



What inspires you?

A few months ago when I started a weekday update schedule, I would write three or four days worth of thoughts in one sitting. Recently, I've been lacking inspiration on what to write. Partially because I don't want to repeat what I've already said, and there's only so many topics I can write essays about. Much of what I write initially comes from something that happens in my life, but unless I'm able to write things down then and there, I often forget them. What little quips and (I think) interesting thoughts I have I write to twitter when it happens. From time to time I'll write blog ideas on there, but as I said, unless I write them shortly thereafter, when I come back to the idea I've either lost inspiration to write about it or it suddenly doesn't seem interesting.

I've had a blog post about symbolism that I've been meaning to write for three months now. Mostly about how Christianity got the short end of the Cool Looking Symbols stick. Once a week or so I'll think that I should write it -- usually while driving to or from work -- and then when I finally get to a computer the idea is unappealing.

Maybe this happens to a lot of writers. I don't think I quite qualify as a "writer" though. Just someone with a blog.

I'm considering starting up a weekly short story kind of thing. Every Thursday or Friday instead of a normal update I'd write a short story. I've been reading a collection of short stories since I finished This Is Your Brain On Music (which was incredible) and I think it'd be fun to write something creative. Nothing more than a page or two. It'd be fun to try, at least.


Alisha said...

If it's on the way home you could always pull over and type something on your phone and/or laptop.

For the way to work? Leave 5-10 minutes early, to allow a few to pull over? idk.

Tim said...

I've actually done that. Not while driving, but over the last week during plane rides I'd pull out my phone and write something down on it.

Two of my updates in the last two weeks were written on my phone.

The laptop idea would work better. It's something I'll keep in mind.

nae4blue said...

Doogie Howser fan fic