Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crystal Skulls

The Mitchell-Hedges skull

I'm not sure I believe in the myths surrounding the crystal skulls--truthfully I'm quite positive I don't--but that doesn't mean they're not cool.

Initially when I paid off my debt I was going to reward myself with the purchase of a handgun, most likely the Bersa Thunder .380 (the James Bond gun look-a-like) or a High Standard 1911 .45. Due to unforeseen financial obligations, I found I no longer had room in my budget for a $300+ handgun. So I decided to treat myself to something else: a Crystal Head Vodka decanter.

Is it superfluous? Yes. Unnecessary? Of course. Cool? Bloody right it is.

My glass skull!

Sitting in my room I now have a glass skull. I plan on actually buying a bottle of vodka and filling it up with it, simply because having it empty seems like a shame and every other liquid will go bad and grow bacteria over time. High end spirits don't. Along this note, I've decided that in my new apartment I'm going to decorate it with whiskey decanters, old bottles filled with rum, unopened wine, and my crystal head vodka skull. I've got an idea of where everything will go, and I'm excited to see how it turns out.

I move in two weeks, it'll happen after then.

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