Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have a lot of movies

My collection

I just counted my movie collection, it consists of the following:
  • 416 movies (78 televisions seasons, each counted as 1)
  • 19 are rated G, 99 are PG, 189 are PG-13, and 109 are R (adjusting unrated films and television shows into what ratings I believe they deserve)
  • There are 61 films and television seasons I own that I have never seen
  • Averaging a DVD as 3 hours long--that's a very conservative average as seasons of tv shows like X-Files (9 seasons) and Buffy (7 seasons) are 18 hours per season--I have over 1,248 hours, or just under two months, of 24-hour entertainment
  • Averaging 200 g per DVD in a case, I own an estimated 83.2 kg, or 183.4 lbs, worth of DVDs
  • Averaging 2 DVDs per movie and 4 per television season, there are 1144 individual discs
  • Averaging each movie and television season at $15, my collection is monetarily worth $6,240
  • And it is completely organized in alphabetical order (I still have the desire to organize it by director's last name or by release date; might do that when I move and get really bored one day)
So, there you go.

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nae4blue said...

Wow. It's grown. It's also worth six times as much as my own DVD collection. Covetous.