Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Material

The Material

Rock Band has introduced me a lot of new music I wouldn't have otherwise listened to. Some is very mainstream, like All American Rejects. (I seriously had never heard the song Dirty Little Secret before I played it on Rock Band.) Others are less mainstream and more classic, like David Bowie and Boston. Then there are bands I never would have ever heard of, like The Material.

The Material is still a rather unknown group. They have one EP--six tracks--called Tomorrow. It's remarkably good if you like pop/alternative rock. And they're completely independent: no labels or record companies behind them. They do everything themselves.

If you get the chance, I do recommend them. They're very personable--they post on Twitter, one person talked about how they chatted with her on AIM and helped her through a breakup (how many bands have done that for fans?), and they're just trying to make it as a band. I really hope they do and hope you check their stuff out on iTunes. Their album should be released shortly--I just won a signed copy last night. :)

For the time being, here's a live performance of their biggest song (the one that was on Rock Band), Moving to Seattle:

And here's them playing their song on Rock Band for the first time:

Really, they just seem like cool people. And I'm all for supporting cool people.

As I said, they aren't that well known and they don't have a record label promoting them, so do independent artists a favor and check them out. If you like them, tell your friends. I'm pretty sure they'd tell their friends if they liked you.

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Mark A. said...

I want to know what their scores were on rockband.