Friday, April 24, 2009

Short Fiction Friday: Dream Logic

A story in dream logic

Last night I dreamt of a world
where logic had it's own logic
and lines were bent and broken.
It was a real world
and while logic was different
and lines were bent
it was just as real as
where I am now.

Inside the dream the stories
followed the lines
and every action was logical
in dream logic.
In this dream where the lines
were broken and the stories
followed the lines and the
dreams were logical but
only as logical as the logic
was logical in dreams
I met a man.

Meeting a man in a dream
(who stuttered his speech)
and who's logic was logical
(in a logical way)
disrupted the lines the story
was following.
Disrupting broken and bent
lines that a story is on
creates a broken and bent
story in a world with logic
that A is not B
and B is A--the only
absolve in such a world
is that the story must be
on a line that is no longer
broken and bent and thus
the story that was logical
(in a dream logical way)
is now logical in a logical

In this dream where a man
changed the logic by being logical
and could take lines that were
broken and bent and straighten them
so the story that was once
straight, and by straight
I mean broken and bent,
is now broken and bent,
and by broken and bent
I mean straight,
(for dream stories should never
be straight)
there is only one course of action
to take:
one must awake.

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