Wednesday, May 20, 2009


About a year ago exactly my brother and I went to IKEA and shopped around for furniture for my bedroom. We looked around, found some things we liked, went home, covered the floor with tape mapping out where things would go, then went to buy them. They didn't have what we wanted that trip, so I opted to not get anything than only get part of it. A week or so later my Mom came out to visit and we went back to IKEA, this time actually buying my entire bedroom set.

I furnished my entire bedroom for $989.63. It looked pretty nice, even if it was all IKEA stuff.

Last week I moved into a new place. All the furniture I had in my old bedroom is now in my living room and my bedroom is, again, empty. A trip to IKEA is in order.

I'm waiting to get reimbursed for my business trip to Phoenix two weeks ago. I plan on heading back to IKEA and, once again, furnishing my bedroom. This time it can be a bit simpler, though--I just need a desk, maybe some accent lights, some artwork perhaps and maybe a new bed (I'd like to replace the twin I have now).

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Alisha said...

in a few weeks I'm grabbing a king size myself :)