Friday, May 22, 2009


As I've stated, I like to cook.

There is something I've neglected about cooking recently: my knives. When I lived with Jared, I used the knives he had--a moderately priced set. When I lived with Doug, I bought a cheap 8 piece set from Walmart for $19.99. When I lived with my brother, I used the Farberware knife set he had. Now that I live by myself, I don't have any roommates who provide me with knives, nor do I have a cheap knife set to use (I left that with Doug when I moved). So last week, I ordered my own knives.

Still love him.

Searching online, I found a website for cutlery that carried every major brand. Shopping around, I looked at Global, Wusthof, Calphalon, Shun, and JA Henckels. Reading reviews, looking at different styles of knives (chef's knife vs. santoku), and comparing prices, I went with the Alton's Angle Shun knives. (I would be lying if I denied the influence of Alton Brown's recommendation and namesake attached to these knives. He endorses so few brands and products that when he actually does, it means something to me.) I've got an 8" chef's knife, a 6" utility knife, and a 4" paring knife ordered, along with a magnetic strip for storage. I was tempted to order a bread knife as well to put it over the site's threshold of getting a free honing steel, but decided it wasn't worth it at the moment. I'll order those later when I have a bit more money saved up.

They should be delivered today. I cannot express how excited I am.

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Alisha said...

I have a "fetish" for Cutco knives :P