Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yep, it's the NIN|JA tour

Yesterday I left work at noon, drove to the SLC airport, flew to Denver, met a friend there, went to the Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction (NIN|JA) concert, played a few games of pool, slept for about 3 hours, then woke up at 5AM and went to the Denver airport to fly back to SLC for work.

I was 45 minutes late.

The concert was incredible. Part of the reason I was willing to fly 373 miles from Salt Lake City to Denver is because this is supposed to be NIN's last concert tour for awhile. Trent Reznor said that he wants to take a break--he's not saying NIN is done, but he's going to take a break and do something else (he's getting married, too!). While I'm not a huge Jane's Addiction fan, I know some of their stuff and know their pretty iconic. They were the band that Trent Reznor credits with giving NIN their break in 1991, inviting him to performing at Lollapalooza with them. (I just found out that Lollapalooza was originally formed as a farewell tour for Jane's Addiction by their front man/singer Perry Farrell.)

Jane's Addiction officially broke up in 1991 the first time. Then they partially reunited at various times, but the whole band never played together again until 2008. Based on the band dynamics, I doubt they'll stay together much longer. Reading through the Wikipedia article on Jane's Addiction it looks like the biggest riff was between the bassist, Eric Avery, and the singer Perry Farrell over royalties--Farrell apparently demanded 62.5% of the royalties leaving everyone else with 12.5%. While their guitarist, Dave Navarro, would occasionally play with them from time to time, it wasn't until last year that Avery returned to the band to remake the original lineup.

Watching the concert and the footage recorded, I can easily see that resentment. Avery did not look happy during the performance. He looked pissed off the whole time.

Ok, that's enough history on the bands I saw. (Street Sweeper Social Club also performed, who I'd never heard of. They sound a lot like Rage Against the Machine, which is largely because their guitarist is Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine.)

Here's a few photos from my phone of the concert. (I took more with my digital camera but I don't have the cable to transfer them to the PC right now; I'll upload those later.)

As I'm sure you can see, we were pretty far back.

It was an outdoor concert and the sun hadn't set yet. The light show was still good at this point, but it got far better after the sun finally set. (I have pictures of that, but they're on the digital camera; my phone couldn't do low light shots well.)

You can barely make out Reznor in the middle of the light on stage.

I also have some photos of Jane's Addiction on my phone--they put on a really good show. They're a full on 80's alternative rock band with a performance to match. Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro are all over the stage, climbing on speakers, yelling "We love you Colorado!", interacting with the crowd, the whole shebang. They have tons of energy on stage! As I said, I'm not a big Jane's Addiction fan and aren't too familiar with their stuff, but I couldn't help but cheer and jump around to some of their stuff because there's just so much energy coming from them. NIN is one of the best acts around, and Jane's Addiction follows and compliments their performance very well.

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