Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On budgeting and gaming

My budget doesn't look like this

In April I put every spare cent I had towards paying off my credit cards and I got them paid off. For the first time since high school, I was free of credit card debt.

The last two weeks, I've gotten back into it. Things came up--a business trip that I haven't been reimbursed for yet, unexpected moving expenses, quality cutlery--and so my credit card once again has a balance on it. It's nothing massive. It'll be paid off in about two weeks, maybe even by the end of the week. Probably by the end of the week, actually.

It just made me realize that I need to get a bit more frugal with my budget. I took a lot of liberties last month with expenses. As I said, I'm awaiting reimbursement for a business trip which will cover more than half of the current credit card balance, so it's not as serious as it may sound. (I write this faithfully trusting in the United States Postal Service to deliver the mail to it's intended recipient as my company still hasn't received the receipts I mailed to them.) I do need to live within my budget though. I'm skilled at justifying purchases; things that will last are one-time expenses and more valuable over the long run. It's still an expense.

On Sunday I started playing Team Fortress 2 again. I've been playing on a server that has no respawn time (instead of 10-15 seconds), meaning as soon as you die you're back in the fight. This makes it very difficult to get anywhere since everyone is always in the battle. It's a good way to kill 20-30 minutes though since it's nonstop action. One of these days I'll have to find a good server where objectives can actually get completed. That might be a new experience. I also want to get a game of Left 4 Dead going again. On my new connection, my ping would be so sexy.

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