Thursday, June 11, 2009


Don't take the blue pill

From 1999 to 2003, the show Futurama aired on Fox. The show had a hint of Simpsons comedy, but in general had a fairly new angle on comedy. Recently, I've been watching episodes in my spare time and I've realized that since I'm more highly educated now, I get a lot more of the jokes. They make a lot of science and obscure math jokes--even a good number of political and pop culture jokes similar to News Radio. More than that, I really like the character of Amy Wong. I'm not sure why: she's a rich brat who isn't very bright. Still, I think there was something endearing about her character.

When the show first aired I enjoyed it and watched it whenever I could. In 2007 they released a DVD movie to good reception, and over the next year and a half released 3 more.

Two days ago they announced that Futurama is officially back on Comedy Central with 26 new episodes. I'm quite excited about this.

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