Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Sorry colorblind people

Color is an important part of our lives. Psychological tests have found certain colors invoke certain feelings and moods. Fashion designers pick a new set of colors every few months and declare that they're the "new black" or whatever the last fashion-chic color was. Most people just dance around a simple wardrobe of fairly neutral colors usually consisting of black since they didn't hear what the new black was.

The apartment I moved into last month has walls that are slightly-sun-kissed-sand-desert-wood colored. Or something. It's that generic, neutral color that everyone uses for apartments and rental rooms. It's non-threatening and as bland as uncooked tofu. Thankfully the girl who inhabited the place before me painted two of the walls a pleasant darker-than-milk-but-lighter-than-dark-chocolate brown to give it some accents. This compliments the slightly-sun-kissed-sand-desert-wood walls nicely.

My furniture is dark-roast-espresso from IKEA. It's almost black, but still slightly brown in direct light. The bed I just purchased and assembled yesterday is a natural-oak-varnish-light-stain color. This somewhat compliments the
darker-than-milk-but-lighter-than-dark-chocolate brown and the slightly-sun-kissed-sand-desert-wood walls. Now I'm trying to find a bedding set. I currently have a comforter that is lighter-than-usual-tan on one side and red-wine-but-not-a-merlot on the other. When I purchased the comforter the red worked well in the room; ivory walls, dirty-sand-but-not-icky-sand carpet, a natural-wood bed frame. The red-wine-but-not-a-merlot comforter gave it a nice look of deep color. In my current place it doesn't compliment so well.

Looking around at color palettes, it's looking like blue is the normal color of choice. A friend recommend a deep royal blue. I was leaning more towards a sunny-day-sky blue. Or perhaps a newly-budding-leaf green. Something vibrant to inject some color into an otherwise various-shades-of-brown room.

This also goes along with buying the Sumosac/Monstersak; I'd as I said, most of my furniture is
dark-roast-espresso. I'd like to find something colorful for a the Sumosac/Monstersak to go along with the bedding. There's also a very high possibility I'll find something on sale and buy that

Like this, but far less chic

regardless of color simply because when you get picky you tend to pay for it.

I get paid tomorrow and can work out exactly how much I can afford to put towards creating a chic room design. Until I actually make a purchase I'm open to suggestions for colors.

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Alisha said...

you pick out sheets to match your room? I pick the sheets that are clean. :P