Monday, June 22, 2009

The events of this weekend

Dead lines

This weekend was somewhat disconnected for me. I imagine if I spent enough time looking through a thesaurus and cross referencing synonyms with a dictionary I could find a more fitting word; at the moment, I think 'disconnected' will do.

I've heard people describe being robbed or burgled as violating. I'm not sure I'd go quite that far. Surreal is a better word for my experience. It doesn't feel real. One day I go to sleep and I have a stereo system and an iPod in my car, the next day I don't. I don't know. It doesn't really feel real.

In what could be described as denial, I'm oddly liberated by this. There's an odd sense of freedom being without my ipod or my car stereo. With a small yet almost inseparable part of my material possessions taken from me--I don't think I'd spent more than 8 hours, that is, a night's rest, away from that ipod in over 2 years) I feel a slight burden is lifted. Of course, I have simply replaced my red iPod Nano, named the Red Star, with my older iPod Shuffle, the White Star. I'm remembering why I bought my shuffle in the first place--it's liberating. No playlists, no track lists to sort the radio, you just turn it on and let it go. It's enjoyable.

(The most unexpected positive event of this weekend was having a reader of this blog donate $50 with a message saying "Regular reader; felt guilty enough reading for free, but getting robbed... Hope this little bit helps out with things!" I put a donation button up on this blog on a whim after making a payment on Paypal one day and saw an message saying "use this code to add a donation button to your site" and thought "meh, can't hurt." I never expected anything to come to it, but I am quite tickled and dearly touched that a kind man in Canada would donate to help cover some of my losses. It does help and I appreciate it dearly.)

Other events of this weekend included getting my window repaired, having a police officer tell me that the chances of getting anything back from this are about nil, and watching a lot of movies.
(I had forgotten how much I enjoy Pixar's The Incredibles. It's a really good film.) It was an easy weekend, spent with good company, but that's all I wanted; it made me happy.

Today I get to take my car in to have it looked at and have the damage assessed. Then I get to find out exactly how much my insurance company will cover, but given I have a $500 deductible, I doubt I'll get much.

(And I forgot to call my Dad on Father's Day; I realized that near midnight last night and thanks to time zones that would have made it almost 1AM for my Dad. It didn't seem nice to wake him up, so I called him this morning.)

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