Friday, June 19, 2009

A Friday morning

I started this morning by accidentally hitting the big red X on my alarm instead of the half-moon symbol for snooze. This turned off my alarm and as such I woke up with only 15 minutes till I had to be at work. Since it's a 27 minute commute to work, I sent in an e-mail saying I'd be in late.

After eating a bowl of frosted mini-wheats and taking a shower, getting dressed, and getting my lunch ready, I grabbed the garbage and went down to my car. When I threw the garbage away I noticed I forgot my cell phone and went back inside to get it. Cell phone in hand, I headed down to the parking garage and was greeted with this:

In case you were wondering what my car looks like...

My first thought was "I don't remember that glass there last night" and my next thought was "where's my window?"

Peeking my head through where my window should be, I saw this:

There used to be a stereo system and an ipod in there

After living in my new apartment for a month, my car has been broken into. This is, interestingly, the first time I've ever been robbed/burgled that I know of. (Ok, during my first year of college my cologne suspiciously went missing after a friend had a party, but I was never certain anyone took it.)

I called my insurance company first--office was closed, so I left a message. Then I called the Provo PD and an officer came over, looked at the damages, made a report, asked a few questions, and basically told me my chances of getting anything back are slim. I knew that. With ebay and Craigslist it's hard to track things down. (I do plan on watching Craigslist for car stereos and ipods that resemble mine being posted in the next day or two.) I also didn't have the serial number, so proving it's mine would be hard, too.

And that's been my Friday morning so far.

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--jeff * said...

seriously rots, t.
sorry to hear.